Lemon Kiss Colorful Dresses for your Daughters

A dress is really a must-have for every girl. I could just remember that my mom always buy me dresses and I would wear them to church, parties and other occasions. Now that I have two daughters, it is my turn to get them the dresses that they like and wear them on church and occasions that we are attending to. I also want them to look good.

My youngest daughter loves wearing dresses, skirts and all those girly stuffs. You can seldom see her wearing pants and rubber shoes (only during P.E time at school). My eldest has different preferences too. She is comfortable in wearing pants and shirts. She likes wearing a dress but only when we attend the church service. Her reason is that she likes pants and shirts more because she can run and play comfortably (Hahaha!).

As a mom, I love Lemon Kiss dresses because they bring out the kid in every child. I don't like my daughters to dress up like a teen or young adult yet. Their designs are simple, colorful and adorable. We also don't want to compromise our daughter's comfort in wearing a dress, right? You can let your daughter choose the dress they like on Lemon Kiss Facebook page or go together at SM Department stores and let her fit the dresses.

Below is the photo of the dress that my 2 daughters both like.

Go to the nearest SM Department store to get your daughter a dress from Lemon Kiss!

Check out the Lemon Kiss Facebook fan page for the nearest SM Department to you.


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