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Money Conversations with Lil Girl

10.14.2013 8:15 am Conversation with my youngest daughter during breakfast... Youngest: Ma, pila na ang $10? (How much is $10?) Me: 400 pesos langga. (400 pesos, honey.) Youngest: four-zero-zero? Me: Yes. Youngest: Ngee, kamahal. (Nyay, so pricey.) After a few seconds... Youngest: Ma, may pa ang snow sa America kay kwarta. (Mom, it's a good thing if the snow in America is money.) Me: Ha? Ngano man? (Huh? Why is that?) Youngest: Basta. (Nothing.) Me: (Hilig jud ni cyag kwarta oi. Hahaha!) After a few minutes of silence, I asked her... Me: Nicky, unsa imong gusto pagdako nimo? (Nicky, what do you want in the future?) Youngest: Moadto ug America. (To go to America.) By the way, my youngest is still 5 years old but then I reckon she have a like for money as she can buy food that she wants to eat and things that she want to wear.