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Footnotes - An Inspiration to Every Feet

Footnotes provide references or citations that you found in articles.  Wait!  This isn’t the Footnotes that I’ll talk to you about. So, I’ll start again. Footnotes , an inspirational socks by Mark Bautista shares his journey to everyone through the words of inspiration that will guide everyone on their own struggles and travel through life . The quotes embedded in the socks will remind you to always put your best foot forward in each step that you will take. Each box has 7 socks with different notes and color. It is available on ankle and knee socks type. When you purchase 7 pairs of footnotes socks at Php 1499, you can get their limited edition box which can be used to organize your socks from Monday till Sunday. In addition to this, a Php 10.00 in every purchase will be contributed to the M.A.C Foundation. You can visit their site online at , like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram . "FOOTNOTES" is not your ordinary pair of socks. It is inspira