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Mga Barato na mga Aplayanses ug Gadgets - Abot Kaya ra sa Home Credit karon Ting-Init

Enjoy 0% interest deals on a wide range of home appliances and gadgets until June 3, 2024 Helping beat the summer heat, Home Credit Philippines, one of the country’s leading consumer finance companies, has activated limited-time deals with its 0% interest promo on a wide range of home appliances and gadgets to keep you cool this dry season. Home Credit's summer offer extends to water dispensers and juice blenders, ensuring everyone stays hydrated, as well as top-load washing machines to keep your clothes fresh for summer outings. Additionally, the offer covers the latest smartphones to help you capture summer memories. To make it easier for you to upgrade your home appliances and gadgets, flexible installment plans are available, ranging from six to 18 months. You can check the best deals for you in Home Credit’s and get your purchases in Home Credit’s over 15,000 partner stores across more than 75 provinces nationwide. Take advantage of the coolest 0% interest pr